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Intramural Announcement

The school intramural program started this week.  In order to maintain a healthy body, one needs to get plenty of rest, practice proper hygiene, eliminate bad habits, get plenty of exercise, and have proper nutrition.  This year intramurals will emphasize exercise and proper nutrition.  Students in Grades 3 to 8 have the option to sign-up for an exciting activity/game during the morning and afternoon recesses.  At the end, they can grab a nutritious snack.  This week they can grab a healthy juice box and apple on their way back to the classroom.

Messages from Mr. Schendel

1.  Thank-you to all of the cross-country runners.  It was a terrific season.  Hopefully running is now a habit for the runners.
2.  Intramurals for boys and girls that signed-up in Grades 3 to 8 start next week.  Yahoo!